1 Northview BC Fayettevile, NC

3 Drexel Memorial BC Drexel, NC 

10 Northern Neck BC Callao, VA Am Only

17-19 Baux Mt BC Germanton, NC

22-24 Neuse BC Prison Ministry Revival

31 Grace BT Rocky Mt, NC


7-10 Celina Baptist Temple Celina, OH

14 Fellowship BC Durham, NC

21 Friendship Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL

28-30 Old Time BC Hamburg, NY


1 Old Time BC Hamburg, NY

3 Yates Thagard BC Carthage, NC Teen Banquet

5 Lockhaven BC Orlando, FL

12 Way of Life BC Clayton, NC

19-21 Metropolitan BC Bloomington, IN 

25 Bible BC Kingsport, TN SA Wedding

26 Bible BC Kingsport, TN All Day


2 Open

9-14 Grace BC Greensboro, NC Revival

15-16 Crossroads BC Knoxville, TN

21-29 Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig, Cork Ireland 

30 Lifegate Bible Baptist Church Dublin, Ireland


7 Open

10-12 Aultman BC Aultman, PA

14 Heritage BC Jeanette, PA

21 Temple BC Lewisville, NC 

28 Open


4 Pleasant Valley BC Chico, CA 

5-7 Mt Zion Baptist Camp Lassen Pines, Viola, CA

9-10 Callaway Family Reunion Carthage, NC

11 Edgewood BC Chattanooga, TN

18 Open

25 Village BT North Canton, OH 


1 Vacation 

8 Ambassador BC Woodford, VA

15-17 Fellowship BC Independence, MO Revival

21-22 Fairview BT Clay, WV 

29-30 Freedom BC Fredricka, DE 


1 Freedom BC Fredricka, DE 

6-8 Agape BC Stockton, MO 

10-12 McLeansville BC Couples Retreat

13 Liberty BC Reidsville, NC SM & SA Homecoming

20-22 Morrison Cove BC Roaring Springs, PA 

27 Southview BC Statesville, NC with Bro. Sammy


3-6 Grace Gospel Chapel Parkersburg, WV Revival with Bro. Sammy

10 Faith Christian Fellowship Litchfield, IL

13-17 First Bible Baptist Church Inuvik, Canada

11/24/19 Open


1 Valley BC Mesa, AZ

7-8 Sparlingville BC Kimball, MI

15 Open

22 Open

29 Open

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