We Need Your Help...

February 2022

Dear Friends,

We are writing with some exciting news to share and to ask for your prayers and support. A little history is in order here. Having been recruited by Johnny Ussery to sell books the summer of 1977, I found myself in Sweetwater, Texas going door to door selling books. My plan was to make enough money to finance my big move in the fall to New York City or Hollywood, California to pursue a career in entertainment. Thankfully that summer I made the greatest decision of my life. I trusted Jesus Christ to be my Savior! After returning home, my burden grew for my family. After twenty-one years of prayer, God answered one of my prayersand my brother Bruce made a choice to receive Christ as well. The night we celebrated his new birth we enjoyed a steak dinner together with my family and afterwards I mentioned to him that we were now Brothers Twice. For the last twenty-four years we have been privileged to travel all over America together sharing the testimony of how our Lord worked in our lives. In fact, our first recording together is called Brothers Twice. During that time, we have been encouraged by many to consider putting our story to film. After meeting with Stephen Kendrick and multiple meetings with several producers over the last fifteen years, we are excited to announce we have signed an agreement with Venture Films in Taylors, S.C. to produce a feature film called Brothers Twice. The events leading to this decision can only be explained by the supernatural working of God and we look forward to sharing that part of our story with you. After completion of the script this past year, our final projected budget has been established at $500,000.  In fact, without any formal effort at fund raising we have at present in the account $40,000 towards this goal. More has come in this past year but there have been expenses regarding attorneys, line production costs, some filming and site preparation, etc. Please consider joining us in this gospel outreach to the world. Our fund-raising vision is ‘1000 giving $500’. Perhaps you are not able to give $500, or you may choose to give more. Any amount is appreciated. This is a tax-deductible donation and will help us tell the wonderful story of God’s grace and the life changing power of the gospel! Go to Brotherstwicemovie.com if you would like to donate and to keep abreast of production updates. If giving by check, please make checks to: Brothers Twiceand mail to:

The Academy of Arts, 80 School Street
Taylors, S.C. 29687/ Attn: Brothers Twice Movie.

Thank you for considering this and please pray with us as we seek to share the greatest story ever told. The hour is late, and the need is great! Thanks so much!


BROTHERS TWICE/Bruce & Sammy Frye